Hello Everyone,

As you can see I’ve included a pretty horrific picture. Why?

Because I want you to meet someone.

Meet Lexi.

Lexi was walking alone at night when she was shockingly blindsided by a scumbag with a knife.  Getting repeatedly stabbed and cut, while being whipped around like a doll felt more terrifying as each second lasted forever.

Lexi pleaded for her life, not knowing if she would be raped, murdered or dragged off the be buried in some shallow grave.

Ok, Lexi survived, but 40 stitches later and the extreme emotional scars that go with this type of trauma will haunt her forever.

There was no time to call the police! There was no time to grab her mace (it flew out of her purse during the attack).

She was left alone to defend HERSELF!

Now the reason I share this with you is because crime and violence is at it an all-time high. And darn it, not much is being done about it!   Well here at Adventure MMA we are addressing this head on.  You see, on Thursday September 22nd from 6:30pm – 8:30pm we are having a very special guest coming all the way from Israel to show you how to shield you and your loved ones from this kind of sick violence ever happening to you.  A special event that you will find absolutely priceless.

What you will discover:

  • One little "concept" that is guaranteed to keep you OFF any scumbags radar.
  • 3 of the easiest to learn self defense techniques that if every man, woman, or child new... attackers would be out of business.
  • You'll learn FACT from FICTION about what it takes to stay safe in today's violent world.
  • And more...

At The End Of This Special Event You Will
Feel Confident and Empowered.

So save the date and bring any of your family or friends who you would like to save from an attack like Lexi’s.

All kids, kickboxing and adult classes will be closed on Thursday September 22nd in order to present this one-time special event. There are only 30 Spaces Available. So register at the front desk. There is a nominal fee of $20 to offset the expense of airfare and lodging for our special guest (see ps. below)

ONLY 30 Spaces Available
Register at the front desk or by calling (440) 882-3500

Event held at: Adventure Mixed Martial Arts  5785 Ridge Rd  Parma OH
Thursday Sept, 22nd from 6:30-8:30pm

PS.  About our special Guest. Our guest is Moshe Katz, the founder of IKI (Israeli Krav International) and our resource when it comes to bringing you the most up to date, practical and effective Krav Maga self-defense. Krav Maga originated in Israel and is used all over the world by the military, police, FBI, etc. in dealing with violent criminals.

PSS.  We look forward to seeing you and your loved ones at this special event.  Register Today.