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You've Seen It In The Movies With Celebrities Like Liam Neason, Leonardo DiCaprio, & Jennifer Lopez using
Krav Maga, Now Experience The REAL THING.

  • Reality Based Self Defense - Against Chokes, Knives, Guns... the works.

  • Fitness - A workout that is fun and gets you in shape FAST!

  • Confidence - To stand tall knowing you can handle yourself in any situation.

  • What They're Saying

    I Feel Strong and Confident

    "I've been doing Krav Maga for over a year. I love it because it's great to know self defense and to feel strong and confident in your surroundings. It feels like a family here and I love it. I also love the workout, getting sweaty and having fun." Sara Scott

    I always hated doing plain cardio

    "There's no funner way to get in shape. The instructors are great and the people are great. The best part is the cardio because I had a hard time doing any type of steady state cardio and sticking to it for this long, and I keep wanting to come back for more... that's just amazing." Matt Madonna

    I was not an athlete growing up

    "I wasn't an athlete growing up and I was always a little nervous about that, but coming here I found a home. The team is like a family, I feel stronger, I feel more confident, and I more comfortable in my own body. I'm very excited about getting my black belt, I never thought that could happen." Elizabeth Davis

    WHY US:

    Real Krav Maga DIRECT from Israel that will build your confidence.

    Everyone deep down inside wants to feel safe and confident. Our program builds you up both with the internal confidence to be safe in any situation AND the external physical training to empower you. Our instructors are Black Belts in Krav Maga direct from Israel. They also hold black belts in American Kenpo and Sambo/Jiu Jitsu.

    Finally look and feel years younger.

    Can a Reality Based Self Defense Class make you look and feel younger? Absolutely. You get the resistance training from hitting bags and pads to the lung capacity to stay calm in any stressful situation. Adventure MMA will make you feel rejuvinated.

    Safest training facility in Ohio

    We are proud to be the ONLY location in ohio with spring loaded safety. This allows you to to train harder while keeping you safe from injuries. No impact on you knees or joints.  

    We specialize in beginners.

    There are plenty of meat head schools out there that are aggressive and do more yelling than connecting. We are more of a friendly community that cheers each other on. No EGO here and our students just love coming to class.

    5785 Ridge Rd. Parma OH

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